TypeScript vs JavaScript: The Ultimate Programming Language War

Definition of TypeScript

Features of TypeScript

  • TypeScript provides compatibility with all versions of JavaScript. It can also compile the code of JavaScript written on versions ES7 and ES5. It helps in code portability and hence makes the transition smoother.
  • TypeScript also supports Object-oriented features such as classes, inheritance, etc.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is fully-featured and functional for developers.
  • Static Typing is another feature that helps programmers detect known errors before compilation. This feature makes the developer declare the variable type so that code ambiguity can be minimized later.
  • Language features of TypeScript, such as namespaces, interfaces, generics, etc., are pretty helpful.

Definition of JavaScript

Features of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is a platform-independent programming language. It works well on all kinds of platforms; Linux, Windows, Macintosh, and others.
  • JavaScript offers a great time-saving feature in the form of Validating Users’ Input. It validates the value entered by the users and sends data to the server.
  • JavaScript enables developers for Dynamic Typing. It simply means that variables are defined based on their value. One doesn’t need to explicitly declare the type of those variables, and JavaScript would understand the class based on the stored value.
  • Async Functions are supported in JavaScript. JavaScript can process asynchronous requests parallelly, which leads the system and programmer to save ample time.
  • JavaScript provides a built-in Library with many useful functions; it can also detect users’ browser types and operating systems for analysis.

TypeScript vs JavaScript in a Nutshell

TypeScript vs JavaScript: Final Thoughts



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