Hello there! We were hoping to talk about the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) on retail automation. Glad you could join us. When you read or hear about retail or the technology that is bringing revolution to the retail industry, you can never keep artificial intelligence out of it. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), retailers can create data models to derive insights and build prescriptive or predictive decision engines. This can help retailers with things like demand forecasting, allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.

79% of retail and consumer products companies expect to be using intelligent automation for customer intelligence…

The popularity, adoption, and use of IoT in businesses is accelerating at a good pace. Why? Well, the answer is simple. We are creating data at every juncture of our daily life. How? Let’s give you a simple example of the smartwatches that are tracking our daily steps. Or the heart rate data they collect and store on the cloud for comparison. Our hobbies, our places of visit, our Wishlist, everything is a form of data.

There are various benefits of these data sets, both for the consumers and the product manufacturers. IoT refers to the interconnection of devices that…

Today, products in the modern market are catering to diversified consumer needs. These consumers are self-sufficient and know more about the brand. Businesses must cater to the need for new experiences for the consumers to stay loyal.

It may seem impossible to create a product strategy for the modern business world. But there will always be a need to have a solid foundation for launching your product into the market.

Today, we will talk about product strategy, its importance to your business, and how you can develop a winning product strategy?

What is a product strategy for a business?

Product strategy defines what your product should achieve and…

As an online business, it is evident that you are using various tools for tracking different KPIs. These tools allow you to track conversion rates, place bids for ads, gather leads, and nurture them into long-time customers. So, the threat of contracting Covid-19 is kept at bay as you have adapted to social distancing, self-isolation, and even quarantine.

Workplaces strictly carry out work-from-home policies, education institutes have moved to online learning; restaurants allow only take-away and online deliveries. In simple terms, every industry has seen a rapid transformation.

But what about the businesses that have still not left their legacy…

What takes greater priority for modern business owners and the C-level executives? Matching the step with their current and future customer base and keeping tabs on their competitors. And why they need to be alert and focused on this subject? Because the world has changed, and technological advancements are continually disrupting the market. Technological changes to the legacy systems enable businesses to discover new and better ways of

  • delivering value to their customers
  • staying in sync with their respective market
  • keeping a check on the competitive arena
  • adapting to the dynamics of the market economics

I am not talking about…

Progressive Web Apps: Features, Architecture, Pros, and Cons
Progressive Web Apps: Features, Architecture, Pros, and Cons

It’s been years since mobile phones hit the market and since then, developers have this question bothering them. Should I build a native app or are there other possibilities as well?

Luckily there are other options available, where you don’t have to make that same old native application. You can take a simple and more versatile approach to web app development using progressive web applications(PWA).

What is a Progressive Web App?

The retail industry is ever-evolving. The prevalent retail marketing strategy calls for highly competitive techniques mainly because of technological disruptions, changing shopping patterns, various market trends, and demanding consumers.

Things have become pretty difficult for retailers who have not enabled current strategic techniques. Thus, they are coming across many difficulties regarding marketing norms.

Well, those of retailers who have helped to offer an optimum shopping experience to their consumers by adapting exemplary techniques and have shot-up quite well; what do they exactly do?

The answer is more straightforward than the question: omnichannel approach or omnichannel commerce. …

As the competition among web development is rising, businesses must stay updated with the latest advancements in web development frameworks. Frameworks are an essential part of web development, and due to high competition in the market, the standards keep getting updated.

It is very reasonable to use frameworks as it is endorsed by thousands of developers worldwide to compile rich and interactive web applications. We’re willing to discuss both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) web development frameworks to help you build a web app in a more secure and scalable manner.

Below are the most Popular Web Development Frameworks in 2020–21

1. AngularJS

AngularJS is a front-end framework that specializes in building…

In today’s digital era, data is playing a crucial role in the success of your business. Data comprises critical information that the business owners can use to ensure they grow their business while improving the retail customer experience. It also provides you with valuable insights into what your audience prefers to buy. Business owners must understand how they must use data for improving the retail customer experience.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Improving the customer experience helps create a loyal customer base, that allows your business to stand out from the competition, and generates better revenue.

I know what you are thinking, big data means making sure that your business architecture supports big data analytics, has the perfect combination of ML and AI and rides high on NLP too!

The latter technologies are only necessary for those who are going to make some changes in their voice search optimization segments. You need better tools for crunching the massive data sets, and better tools mean more investments.

But that’s the fun part, businesses…

Modern retailers are looking forward to an era in which they will be able to streamline their product-customer interactions and offer 24/7 service without compromising on their salary structure. It won’t be a farfetched comment if we say that chatbots are part of that customer service plan!

Yes, chatbots are helping modern retailers stay in touch with their customers 24/7, and they are also contributing towards enhancing customer experience by reverting to FAQs with more accuracy. This enables retail businesses to make good use of the virtual agent and involve the live agents when they are available.

Chatbots are offering…

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