Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the worldwide supply chain and logistics industry. Many logistics officials believe that the supply chain areas will significantly change in the next coming years.

AI can destabilize and support breakthroughs in sophisticated digital technologies like ML, big data, and natural language processing (NLP). Although computers can handle large amounts of data simultaneously, it isn’t easy to do so in a single decision-making method.

AI algorithms are helping machines assess endless prospects and numerous data sets, resulting in intelligent planning. Artificial Intelligence significantly eliminates human errors and assists in the completion of time-consuming jobs. …

The modern world is looking to disrupt its laidback approach and business processes to grasp the opportunity digitization brings to every industry today!

So, bravo, and congratulations on getting your digital product developed. You have taken a crucial step forward in your digital transformation initiative, and we couldn’t be happier. After being in a digital product development company, we understand the grit and determination you have broken free from the traditional approach.

For modern businesses, app monetization models are essential for the success of their app development. Whether you want to develop a paid app or the ones that users…

As a business, what tools or means are you using to touch base with your customers? Here the implication being you want to reach other businesses with your unique B2B app and ease their problems.

Social media channels, telemarketing, email newsletters, and even text messages might be your weapon of choice. These tools let you reach new customers and stay in touch with old ones. But the fact of the matter is that businesses have now based their customer interaction on a more direct tool, a mobile application.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of every business’s offering today…

Many modern businesses use multi-channel marketing to reach out to customers, interact with them, and share company and product-related information. The issue with multi-channel marketing is that there are

  • Style inconsistency across channels
  • Channels often create miscommunication if not updated promptly
  • Customers become agitated due to the miscommunication if a deal they saw on another channel expires due to information inconsistency

Modern retail owners are often trying to overcome these and other unrealized problems

  • Style inconsistencies majorly affect brand image, creating mistrust in the customers,
  • Miscommunication affects the proper working of their employees, and
  • Agitated customers can cause higher customer…

As the retail industry experiences continuous growth, most retail brand owners recognize its competitive nature. The competition is rising due to the constant technological disruptions, rise in the various demands of customers, and the ever-changing shopping behavior. When retailers with outdated, legacy retail processes fail to meet the said challenges, they struggle to keep their roots stable and survive the competition.

Successful retail brands take a strategic approach and adapt to digital technologies by

  • formulating better retail experience for their customers
  • developing modern retail supply chains
  • using omnichannel retail strategies

With omnichannel retail strategies, retail brand owners can

  • achieve more…

When the pandemic arrived, only a handful of businesses were ready to face it, thanks to their adoption of digitalization. Companies that were serving thriving industries experience a sharp increase in demand for their services. Yet, manufacturers were grappled with supply chain disruptions. Logistics firms tasked with the movement, storage, and flow of goods were directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a well-known fact that logistics is an integral part of value chains. A sound and digitally advanced logistics facilitate the proper flow of trade and commerce and move products from the manufacturers to the final consumers.

Logistics companies…

With majorly every business opting for digitalization, connected devices and systems are generating data in bulk. This untapped, scattered, and unstructured data is the new fuel for a growing economy. The vast amount of information is readily accessible at a single click.

This is providing organizations with the power of generating crucial business insights. The same information can be used for creating transformative experiences for businesses and customers.

In this article, we will be elaborating on how you, as a business owner of a retail chain, can tap into the supply chain and retail data monetization. …

Digitization is the buzzword in the modern business era. Every business owner in the world has taken up some form of digitization for their process. Even if there are similar terms in the market like digitalization and digital transformation, their functionalities are different.

Digitalization is a process for massively transforming your business; it is incomplete or cannot be accomplished without the organization being digitized first.

91% of German manufacturers are investing in digitization. — Flexis

Uncertainty and unpredictability will always continue to be a part of business processes. Be it an automaker who relies on world-class assembly-line components or a…

Hello there! We were hoping to talk about the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) on retail automation. Glad you could join us. When you read or hear about retail or the technology that is bringing revolution to the retail industry, you can never keep artificial intelligence out of it. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), retailers can create data models to derive insights and build prescriptive or predictive decision engines. This can help retailers with things like demand forecasting, allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.

79% of retail and consumer products companies expect to be using intelligent automation for customer intelligence…

The popularity, adoption, and use of IoT in businesses is accelerating at a good pace. Why? Well, the answer is simple. We are creating data at every juncture of our daily life. How? Let’s give you a simple example of the smartwatches that are tracking our daily steps. Or the heart rate data they collect and store on the cloud for comparison. Our hobbies, our places of visit, our Wishlist, everything is a form of data.

There are various benefits of these data sets, both for the consumers and the product manufacturers. IoT refers to the interconnection of devices that…

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