7 Latest DevOps trends that will rule 2022 and beyond!

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5 min readNov 18, 2021

DevOps is a well-known methodology for software development sought by many IT industries worldwide. Instead of being “development” and “operations”, DevOps also adds in delivering new products and services by removing all the limitations between a business and its customers.

Many organizations intend to set up the best procedures around their digital change with DevOps. Numerous professionals have offered their viewpoints about the progression of DevOps automation in the coming year, and the accompanying trends have been compiled by considering these opinions.

Throughout the last decade, DevOps has developed to turn into a crucial part of numerous IT organizations. IT professionals foresee that the DevOps market size will reach around 12.85 billion by 2025. According to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc., DevOps is registering an 18.60% CAGR during the forecast period.

In this blog, we will glance into the rising DevOps trends and what to expect in the coming year.

DevOps trends to watch out in 2021 & beyond

Trend 1- DevSecOps will turn into the new DevOps

As companies embrace Docker, Kubernetes, and other cloud-based technologies, security will be the foremost concern and become a default DevOps feature.

As per the International Data Corporation (IDC), an innovation research firm, predicts that DevSecOps will drive essentially half of the new applications in Asia-Pacific by 2024, giving DevSecOps a theoretical clear ground from 2021.

Starting around 2017, the AI adoption to improve, robotize and oversee IT tasks has been a progressive change in the DevOps cycle. “Gartner’s examination predicts that by 2023, 40% of DevOps specialists will augment application and framework observing devices with AI for IT tasks (AIOps).”

More companies will embrace AIOps for improving work efficiency and automation on complex tasks by freeing up their IT operators. This further results in the speed-up of other crucial business activities and results in better business profit.

Trend 2- Infrastructure automation & continuous configuration automation tools

DevOps professionals will use IA tools to bring automation in conveyance, configuration, and IT management. IA tools engage the DevOps workforce to deal with the multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure. This further permits the organizations to design conveyance benefits in on-premise and cloud environments while providing robust resource provisioning.

There likewise will be an upsurge in Continuous Configuration Automation (CCA) tools to oversee and deliver configuration changes.

Trend 3- Rise of artificial intelligence

The DevOps specialists can utilize AI and ML to work with their work process and further use AI to improve the DevOps environment. Dealing with and overseeing complex information is a challenging task that requires an AI-driven methodology in DevOps.

AI has now turned into an important device that overwhelmingly helps in the dynamic cycle in DevOps. It can help DevOps through information accessibility, a critical concern for many IT firms and other organizations. It also offers data flawlessly to the DevOps group as and when needed in a matter of seconds.

Trend 4- Microservices architecture

Microservices have replaced monolithic architecture for quite some time. The monolithic architecture is a solitary or a unified unit, while, in microservices, pieces of units are autonomously linked. DevOps can focus just on those singular units where it is most extreme required.

Microservices and DevOps together is a definitive decision for bringing together architecture as objective “Functional Efficiency.” Microservices save both time and exertion, which will be quite beneficial for both IT and other firms in the coming time.

Trend 5- Utilizing service mesh for DevOps

The service network is an incorporated application foundation layer in the DevOps environment that shares information inside services and addresses many capacities. It contains different exercises, for instance, load balancing, encryption, approval, and verification.

This permits groups to tackle their doled-out task while saving time and energy that, in any case, might get spent on cumbersome managerial exercises.

Trend 6- Security will be more crucial

The value of safety has expanded more, with the COVID-19 pandemic being one of the most apparent purposes behind this expansion. It will be an exceptionally urgent component in the standard software development measure, including testing and execution.

DevOps is vital in setting up security techniques, frameworks, and subsequently, organizations ought to apply them while creating security conventions. Security ought to notice a commitment from DevOps, while DevOps should accept developing security viewpoints in its execution.

Trend 7- Multiple facets of hybrid acceptance

The ascent of a hybrid labor force will demand up-skilling and online training drives. To flourish in such a circumstance, cross-functional and multi-disciplinary groups must become talented together.

It will be essential to expand the mix of delicate abilities, robotization abilities, business information, and practical information for each part with profound capability in their central regions.

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