17 Proven chatbot benefits your business cannot afford to miss

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5 min readJun 17, 2020

Digitalization is steadily reworking on the guidelines of involvement covering various businesses and retail outlets. Chatbots ( Conversational AI ) is manifesting itself as advanced engaging corporeality.

Organizations will necessarily become smart endeavors to expand and bloom in the advancing years. “Merely being digital” won’t be enough to stand firm in the future. Conversational bots accelerated by AI will play a crucial role in that evolution.

Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, it was forecasted by Juniper Research that by 2023, the interaction between customers and conversational AI is expecting to cross a mark of 22 billion.

Now, as we are supposed to live in this pandemic for a long time, folks are being advised to stay indoors, and businesses are transforming themselves not just digitally but also intelligently.

Businesses are turning to chatbots to resolve recurrent customer inquiries, give 24x7 support, liberate the representatives to deal with more critical issues, and cater to the consumers’ outstanding assistance.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an AI (artificial intelligence) attribute that works spontaneously. It can replicate a chat or a conversation on behalf of a customer service representative.

It has skills in interacting with the user using the NLP (natural language processing) through diverse digital methods like websites, web applications, mobile applications, messaging applications.

A chatbot is also known as conversational AI, talkbot, IM bot, artificial conversation entity, interactive agent, etc.,

It includes:

  • Smart virtual delegates
  • Business applications
  • Business websites
  • Social platforms
  • Messenger platforms

Customers can interact with such bots using voice or text, to gather information, complete chores, or execute matters.

Now let’s suppose you’re ordering something online through a business website or an online application.

There are chances that you are talking to a bot, considering it a human itself on the other end without even realizing it. When implemented smartly, chatbots can increase your yield by inspiring customers to test different packages offered by you.

Their programming makes it possible for them to process, store, and analyze the information, and make smart decisions on each conversation and function.

Why will businesses use chatbots?

Businesses will use chatbots and other AI technologies to:

  • Aid them to make swift, more sophisticated choices.
  • Turn far more structured.
  • Trade more customized and fitting experiences for both customers and the workforce.

Even though chatbots are so technologically advanced, its usage remains very easy.

Advances in technology and AI, chatbots are gaining popularity to the next level. Today, the prominent examples of such intelligent virtual assistants are Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

CIO’s and CTO’s across the globe believe chatbots will play a critical role in the enterprise architecture of the future and have the caliber to make a significant influence on an organization’s operations.

Chatbot benefits for businesses —

  1. It automates your business processes
  2. Have an enormous scope in the future
  3. Continuously learn
  4. 24/7 availability to give support to customers
  5. Enhanced business branding
  6. Chatbot increases revenue
  7. It saves time
  8. Natural speculation and data insights
  9. It improves customer acquisition and retention
  10. One time investment
  11. Enhanced efficiency
  12. Simple to install
  13. Reduced operational costs
  14. Personify your business
  15. Simple to install
  16. Reduced operational costs
  17. It saves human efforts

Apart from sales leads and conversions, chatbots play an influential role in customer support and nurturing them through their sales journey.

Their role includes account governance, sales information, consumers’ principal source of technical assistance, and a lot more.

They are simple to integrate and easy to reach, thereby turning out to be a win-win situation for both customers and business people. Chatbots can fuel better ways of running customer service without compromising efficiency and time.

The flexibility of conversational AI allows businesses the chance to engage with customers on multiple stages. Also, it asks the appropriate information of the customers to enhance customer insights.

Implementing conversational AI can help the businessmen to save more than 35% as stated by a study in Chatbots Magazine.

Businesses who implemented chatbots in their application witnessed a rate of 90% swift query solution.

The bot structure’s amalgamation with the potential of AI can be beneficial in many ways beyond imagination.

What does the future of the chatbot hold?

The customers who have interacted with a conversational AI outlined an approving output.

Forty — three percent reported that their contenders are already implementing the technology. Besides, 57 percent agree that chatbots can deliver a massive ROI for minimal efforts.

According to a report, almost 85% of customer support communications will be done by conversational AI in the year-end. And a capital investment of approximately $5 billion will be made in chatbot automation.

The most popular demanding areas for bots currently in use are after-sales and customer support, CRM, sales, and marketing. This fashion expects to continue in the future.

A survey by Oracle stated that 80% of business owners are either planning to implement chatbots or will implement chatbots into their businesses by the end of 2020.

Businesses have been one of the leaders in seeing massive benefits from AI efforts.

The keynote is, the future of AI is nearer to become a reality today. Businesses need to start getting ready to join reality or the risk of lagging.

Chatbots are a compact, submissive initial step towards becoming an intelligent enterprise that will have the potential to:

  • Take smart decisions quickly.
  • Operate more efficiently.
  • Create a UX that keeps customers and employees engaged.

Additionally, executives said bots are helping them to:

  • Provide 24x7 access to information,
  • handle client queries more effectively, and
  • improve customer acquisition and retention.


The dawn of chatbots were simple reciprocation platforms. Conversational bots dated today are much more proficient. It will only become more sophisticated and capable in the coming years.

Across industries, companies are discovering the applications of chatbots to:

  • Help automate and streamline activities.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Support employee and customer engagement.

A study by chatbot magazine predicted that the next consecutive year would witness the increase in the number of people and types of role designing, implementing, and optimizing conversational AI on global businesses.

With the advancement in AI and data science, chatbots are becoming competent daily and will play a key role in providing services to various businesses.

Final Words

Challenges apart, the future for chatbots, is undoubtedly bright. The budding benefits are straightforwardly too strenuous to ignore. Selecting a platform to support automation has significant repercussions that business leaders often miss, and that’s why we are here to help you out. We believe that trust is the focal point of successful human-chatbot interaction.

Rapidops will help you with digital transformation for interaction in your business or commercial environments. So, come, let’s transform it for you. We can’t wait to see what you want to build.



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